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Fabio Zonta was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1958. In 1977 he moved to Milan where he worked at Alfredo Pratelli’s Publifoto; within the renowned agency he assisted Alfa Castaldi and Chistopher Broadbent. From 1979 to 1982 Fabio Zonta was assistant to Davide Mosconi with whom he established a strong collaboration, which ended in 2002 when his mentor and friend died.
Simultaneously, since 1980 he has collaborated with several design and architecture magazines and his photographs have been regularly published by Abitare, Domus, Gran-Bazaar, Ottagono, Modo and Interni. Fabio Zonta has been staff photographer for important architecture firms, such as Cini Boeri, Matteo Thun, Sottsass-Associati, Antonio Zanuso, and Venini glassware in Venezia until 1986. He has photographd the work of Renata Bonfanti, Laura Diaz de Santillana, Philip Tsiaras, Lee Babel, Stefania Lucchetta, Candido Fior, Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, Antonio Riello for catalogues and exhibitions.
He’s worked for “Museo Antonio Canova” Treviso, “Musee des arts decoratifs” Paris, “Frick Collection” and “Metropolitan Museum” of New York
Since his first solo exhibition in 2003 he has been focusing mainly on the “Natura Morta” theme; he has had exhibitions at AIPAD New York, Paris Photo, Art Miami, London, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Venice, Lucca, Milano, Torino and Genova.
He has released several publications and his work is part of significant collections both in Italy and abroad. He works and lives between Bassano del Grappa and Milan.

for contact: info@fabiozonta.com
phone +39 333 7685145

 经常我们观察一张照片时不会把它联系到一种体力活或者一个物质的经验,而是一个说不清的,摸不到的感觉。看着Fabio Zonta 的照片会感受到被一种不自然的宁静包围。
他大胆的创作使植物更加突出Zonta ‘画’就像宁静的诗意般的结果。Zonta 的摄影创作是来自陶治的经验,以前为国际知名大公司创作摄影,通过内在的观察,使他的作品成名。仙人掌,花,种子通过他的镜头成为一个现代的还记得死亡。在过度的祖先的记忆会把消极的想法给忘了,设想自己处于,让我们观察一个新的方式,决定性的,凝视在Fabio出色的眼睛里,把我们带进一个洁白和纯净的宇宙,那一时刻忘了一切整个人都融入神妙的艺术品。
Vincenzo Circosta, Museo Alinari Firenze


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